Navonmesh…Kuch To Kaho I Season 3

Novonmesh… kuch to kaho is an open mic event, wherein you are welcome to speak your heart without any fear, because this platform is known for “fight of thoughts” not “fight of hearts”. You can select your art form like poetry, short story, music, article … or any art form.


List of participants:

Participants of navonmesh...Kuch To Kaho Season 3


For any details and query do email us on or message us on 8840036331


Musical performance by:


abhinav mishra

Let’s enjoy your 18th November, Sunday with all kind of art form, be it literature, story, poem or music…

Navonmesh … Kuch to kaho inviting you all for live musical performance by Mishra Abhinav (Abhinav Mishra) , who believes in “All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine.” and “Apni soch ko kabhi chhota na hone dein, Dream Big. No matter how many obstacles are there in front of You.”

If you are not agree, why don’t you come and speak something 

See you all Navonmesh I Season 3


Supported by Rasa-Aesthetic and The Water Pipe


Rohit Pradhan






















Participants of Navonmesh... kuch to kaho I Season 3
Participants of Navonmesh… kuch to kaho I Season 3

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